Luxury Kitchens- Here’s All You Need To Know


Luxury kitchens in Dubai can be designed to be functional and beautiful. These spaces are often designed to be multifunctional and include a kitchen island. An island can be used to create a workspace for the cook and can also accommodate a seating area for guests. It can adorn a small wine fridge, pot and pan storage, and a stovetop.

Designing a luxury kitchen

Designing a luxury kitchen requires careful planning and consideration of various factors. This includes the size of the space. Small kitchens should have light colors that make them feel spacious, while large ones should have darker colors. An open layout is recommended for luxury kitchens because it allows natural lighting to filter while supporting airflow and sunlight. An island, or a countertop with multiple functions, should also be included. It should not only have storage space but also offer a seating area.


The cost of luxury kitchens varies considerably depending on the design and materials used. Materials such as granite, marble, and marble countertops can cost several thousand dollars or more. Whether you choose natural stone or laminate will also influence the price.


Luxury kitchens are often built with high-quality materials. Most of these materials are also aesthetically appealing and last long. For example, granite countertops and backsplashes are common, as are custom cabinets made of premium wood. These cabinets are often built with professional construction and high-quality hardware. In addition, some luxury kitchens have contemporary cabinet doors that do not have hardware openings but have the same robust construction as traditional cabinet doors.


Luxury kitchens are typically equipped with top-of-the-line appliances. These appliances are either hidden behind cabinets or made of stainless steel. Hidden appliances are more modern, including built-in wine coolers and refrigerator columns. In addition, some ranges are show-stoppers. A 48″ range top with a double griddle and glass door is an example of a luxury product. Other high-end appliances include a wall oven, steam oven, and wine fridge.

Design do’s and don’ts

The open-concept layout is one of a luxury kitchen’s most common design elements. This creates a seamless flow and functional space. It also allows for larger appliances and islands. These kitchen extensions are excellent for storage solutions and extra prep areas. An island can also be a workhorse, containing a second sink and dishwasher. It can even have a burner or two, making it a perfect cooking area.