What Should You Do The First Week After Getting Braces?


Dental braces are devices used in orthodontics that help align and straighten teeth. Getting dental braces in Abu Dhabi also improves your oral health. This article will teach you what you should do during the first week of braces.

Avoid hard, sticky or chewy foods:

You should avoid eating hard, sticky or chewy foods for the first week after getting braces. This way, you’ll avoid damaging your braces and preventing food from getting caught in your braces. Soft and crunchy foods are ideal for this period, and you can start introducing them gradually after the first week.

Some types of foods can get stuck in your braces and cause problems. Avoid hard, sticky, or chewy foods, as they can break wires and brackets. Soft foods are best, and you can also eat fruits and vegetables. Just be sure to ask a parent or guardian if they’re safe to eat with braces.

Avoid chewy foods:

Eating hard fruits with your braces is not recommended. Instead, try eating slices or applesauce. These are much easier to chew and are a great source of protein. Soft fruits and smoothies are also excellent choices. They are high in fiber and vitamins and can be a great meal substitute.

Sticky and chewy foods should be avoided, as these can damage your braces. Sticky, hard, and crunchy foods are also not recommended. You can still eat most foods with braces, but you need to pay special attention to what you eat during this time.

Floss daily:

Flossing daily with braces may seem impossible, but it can help you avoid cavities and gum disease. The extra flossing helps remove bacteria and food particles stuck in the spaces between teeth and braces. It is also an excellent way to prevent staining, cavities, and gingivitis, problems that can occur years after you’ve removed your braces.

When flossing with braces, it is important to use a reusable floss threader. These tools are designed to fit tight spaces between your braces and teeth. They slide under the archwire and clean the space between your teeth and braces. However, it is important to be careful around the archwire and not put too much pressure on it. It is also a good idea to floss every night while wearing braces, especially during the first week.