What Does Commercial Insurance Cover?

Majority of small businesses and some big corporations in the current economic conditions are struggling with tight cash flows. They are cutting back on expenses wherever possible. Unfortunately, some businesses down-grade their commercial insurance. Many new businesses think that insurance is something that is luxury and only a few big and thriving companies can afford to purchase it. This kind of wrong assumptions can damage their business in a significant manner.

Operating a business without an insurance is not a good practice and is like keeping ‘a lighted candle in the wind’. An uninsured business is not protected against thefts, lawsuits, damage from disasters etc. Any business, which operates without insurance will be at risk of losing money and property in the event of unfortunate circumstances.

Importance of commercial insurance
Commercial insurance is an insurance for a business and is considered as one of the most important investments by smart business owners. Commercial insurance can provide valuable protection to a business from potential loss caused by unforeseen and unfortunate events.

When two planes crashed into World Trade Center (WTC) towers on 11th Sept ’01, almost all offices in the twin towers were destroyed. Many financial firms nearby were badly damaged and much of their property got destroyed in the attack. Many companies’ data servers and computing infrastructure were destroyed or damaged. However, they did not loose any critical data. Though they lost a huge amount of physical IT infrastructure in the attack, they recovered quickly. This was possible, as after the 1993 terrorist bombing on the WTC, they were some of the best prepared offices from data recovery point of view. Similarly, insurance gives protection to businesses from certain kinds of risks.

Moreover, the mortgage payment, college education of the kids, medical expenses etc., all depend on the survival of your business. So, protecting your business cannot be taken lightly.

Now that you understood how important insurance is to your business, you need to determine different types of insurance and how much insurance you need for your business. Hauser Insurance

Types of commercial insurance
Generally speaking, the commercial insurance covers businesses and the most common types are property, liability and workers’ compensation insurance. Property insurance provides coverage to your business property damages; liability insurance covers damages to third parties or someone else’s property; and workers’ compensation insurance covers your employees who get injured at the job. Here, we will know what these insurance policies cover and how they benefit your business.

Property Insurance
Property insurance covers losses and damages to your business property. There are different types of policies under property insurance, which you can purchase to cover your business property. Right from the construction of the commercial property to removing the debris after any accident, commercial insurance covers your businesses at various levels. Let us take a look at some of the common instances where a commercial insurance can protect your business.

We all know that buildings are prone to different risks. Property insurance is designed to provide coverage for buildings. Property insurance protects your business from accidental breakdown of expensive machinery or equipment of your business. It also protects your property in transit and covers the losses to goods that occur in your premises.

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