What Are the Different Electric Kitchen Ranges I Can Choose From?

No kitchen is considered complete without certain appliances, and the kitchen range is one of the most important appliance found in any kitchen. It can provide both an oven as well as a cook-top neatly combined in a single unit, allowing for more space, which can often be at a premium. You may think that an electric range for the kitchen is a dime a dozen, but the truth is, there are many different types of ranges, some offer just the basics while others are top of the line. So which Kitchen Electric Range will work best for you?

Electric kitchen ranges are the most popular type of range currently found on the market, and the most prominent is the model with exposed custom range hoods  coils on the top of the cooking surface. The reason these ranges are the most popular is for one reason, their affordability. General Electric and Hotpoint offer a budget-priced electric kitchen range that can easily fit into the tightest budget. Keep in mind, though, that this type of range does require more effort to keep clean, and this factor alone often discourages buyers from purchasing this type of range.

The smooth top kitchen electric range is often favored by many consumers due to the smooth surface. These ranges are more expensive than their coil top cousins, but they also have distinct advantages that make the added cost worthwhile. The most important is the ease of cleaning, since the coils are hidden under the surface, cleanup is as easy as wiping the surface clean. If you’re a consumer that wants all of the bells and whistles, the best electric kitchen range for the price is the Electrolux. It includes a range-top warming zone, a convection oven as well as a second oven, and it all comes in a stylish package.

Before you go out to purchase your next electric kitchen range, decide first what kind of range you want, or need, for the space you have. The market today is filled with a wide variety of ranges that can go from just the most basic to the most complex, so any potential buyers should evaluate the kitchen range based on its style, functionality, holding capacity and any add-on features. Then, in no time at all you can be heating and cooking food like a true professional.


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