The Best Pocket Knives

During my childhood carrying a different type of knife was something taken for granted. Probably because starting at an early age my father always gave me as gifts a pocket knife. Usually pocket knives made by either Case Knives or Buck Knives.

Hunting, fishing or camping was almost overlooked or taken for granted because these things were always there for me. Having a quality knife at the time was also overlooked and taken for granted. It was never discussed one way or the other because carrying pocket knives was just a way of life. Always though without knowing or thinking about it their were Case Knives or Buck Knives in our pocket or tackle box.

As I became older the value of a good wholesale knives  knife became apparent. I now know that Case Knives and Buck Knives are the best types of pocket knives anyone would want to carry. This knowledge is not scientific but rather just through a lifetime of practical use.

As an adult I realized that pocket knives are convenient tools that are useful in many other ways as well. If you are an avid camper and traveler or only outdoors occasionally, a pocket knife has multiple uses and can be especially important when faced with an emergency situation. It can be used to saw wood, kill fish and prepare meals. For convenience, some pocket knives have a handy bottle opener and corkscrew which may not be available in all situations.

How to choose the right pocket knife will depend on your needs or just your personal preference. If you want something to carry around with you at all times, a smaller multiple purpose knife might be best. For someone who is outdoors quite a lot a pocket knife that has a knife and possibly other tools will be perfect. Executive pocket knives (such as The Gent made by Buck Knives) can fit into a purse or briefcase easily and look elegant as well. I can say with my lifetime of use, pocket knives made by Case Knives and Buck Knives is a good place to start looking.

Whether at your favorite pond fishing, or sitting behind a desk, having a good knife can be very beneficial. And having pocket knives made by Case Knives and Buck Knives in my opinion takes out all of the guess work in having a reliable knife.



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