The Best Ab Roller Exercise Options For a Non-Wheel Ab Roller

Many people have benefited from using ab roller exercise routines but for individuals who are unsure what this is and how it works, we wanted to provide some helpful information. For starters, an ab roller is an affordable, easy to use and effective piece of equipment that is typically used in the home when working to tone and tighten the abdominal muscles. This device eliminates back and neck stress while allowing exercises to focus on core muscle groups. foam roller exercises amazon

Depending on the type of ab roller that you are utilizing; you would lie on your back, grip the hand bars (non-wheel) or grab the handles on the ab wheel roller while kneeling, outstretch your arms and place the wheel on the floor and then begin the routine. Each of these styles of exercise equipment has been so successful in helping people achieve their goals that as of today, more than 10 million have been sold throughout the world.

For the remainder of this article, we will focus on the non-wheel ab roller. The primary exercise is an alternative to the traditional method of doing crunches but again, without added stress on the body and with better results.

However, since the first ab roller was introduced to the public, the design has been modified slightly, which has made it possible to do more ab exercise routines than ever before. Because of this, not only are the upper and lower abdominal muscles worked but the inside and outside oblique muscles as well. In fact, using many of the exercise routines also works the shoulders, arms and legs to a certain degree.

No matter the exercise used, the gentle rocking motion actually makes each routine fun. Because of this, the ab roller is a type of workout equipment that many people can use whereas traditional equipment would be out of the question. This means this type of fitness equipment could be used by the elderly and teenagers. Of course, you should first consult with your doctor. Although most often, there is no concern due to the design of the ab roller.

As mentioned, each exercise is relatively easy to do while working the abdominal muscles more than it feels. The following are the most popular and effective options.

• Basic Crunch – For this, you would lie on the floor, keeping your back and feet flat. Then, place your hands on the bar and relax your head on the headrest. For this exercise, simply tighten your abdominal muscles as you lift your shoulders off the floor about 45 degrees. Slowly, lower back down to the starting position. Although you would build stamina over time, initially, complete 10 repetitions.

• Oblique Crunch – This exercise also starts with you lying on the floor on your back and feet placed firmly on the floor. Again, hold onto the bar with your hands and place your head on the headrest. Now, allow your legs to drop off to one side while lifting the shoulders up about 45 degrees and then lowering back down to the starting position. For excellent results, complete 10 repetitions with the legs off to the right and 10 with the legs off to the left.

• Raised Straight Leg Crunch – This exercise is another excellent choice that focuses primarily on the lower abdominal muscles. Lying on the floor, legs stretched outward, hands on the bar and head on the headrest, you would keep the legs together while lifting them so they are straight up in the air. At that point, lift your shoulders about 45 degrees, followed by lowering the legs back down. This exercise is a little more challenging but it works amazingly well.


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