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A newly released budget smartphone by Samsung with the Realme brand, the Realme GT is an impressive phone. At a cost of just over one hundred dollars, it comes loaded with many features normally found on high-end smartphones. With a unique dual screen feature and the “curved” physical design, the Realme GT is quite possibly one of the most futuristic looking phones to be released in some time. This review will give you a quick overview of what this new phone has to offer.

The first and most important feature of the Realme GT is that it has a truly futuristic look to it. At first glimpse, the phone appears like an oversized, almost robot-like smart phone. A metallic silver frame covers the entire back of the phone and adds a bit of style to the phone as well. The phone’s two screens are touch sensitive and can be used as a keyboard when attached to the phone. On the other side of things, the Realme GT comes with a nice, though not too svelte, curve built in the body that makes it look quite nice.

Like many of Samsung’s recent smartphone models, the Realme GT comes with high-end software features. Like the SGH5 and LG Nitro, the Realme GT comes with several built in music players including Sonos and XM depending on the model. The Realme also offers a nice number of features, including an infrared remote, a micro USB port, a micro SD port and front camera. It’s also worth mentioning the Realme’s ergonomic keys and the way they’re made out of durable rubber – no cheap plastic here. A nice touch screen allows for easy navigation and typing. realme gt

Another feature of the Realme GT that differs from its competitors is that it boasts an advanced charging system that gives users extra battery life. The Realme boasts an extended battery life of up to five hours, which is just about sufficient to make any user, particularly the more tech savvy, comfortable enough to take on most of a day’s work. This extra battery life thanks to an advanced charging system that uses the Realme’s patented Quick Charge technology. When first put to use the Realme GT definitely impressed us with its high battery time. We were pleasantly surprised at how quick the Realme GT could charge and exactly how long it kept the battery topped off.

With the Realme GT we found that the device had no trouble handling basic office tasks, including powering up the computer, playing audio files and sending and receiving emails. The Realme Georgia provided similar performance when it came to browsing the internet, streaming a movie and playing various games. It was a little disappointing to find that the Realme GT didn’t quite manage to render impressively detailed graphics or feel as competent as the competition when playing 3D games. Despite this the Realme did score better than many of the mid range Android tablets such as the Kindle Fire and the Sony Ericsson XPERIA Arc mini. The Realme Georgia is priced at a lot more than many of its competitors, but we feel that its combination of features and looks make it an excellent choice for consumers who want an advanced and impressive tablet experience with an extremely powerful processor.

In our view the Realme GT gives the impression of a very well-made tablet – even having been a ‘top of the line’ Android tablet not too long ago, it is still one of the cheapest options available in the market today. If you are looking for a tablet that packs a lot of power along with an advanced multi-touch screen and an extremely well-built body and back panel, then the Realme is definitely worth checking out. Although it does fall short on some key features such as the graphics and processor power and is slightly on the costier side, we feel that its excellent build and value for money make it a great investment for anyone looking for the perfect tablet with all round performance and quality. For those who are considering buying a new tablet and want to know what the difference between the Realme GP and some of the competing models is, then we have put together a review of the Realme GT which you can find below.

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