How to Get Thousands of Backlinks to Your Site Quickly

You can get thousands of back links to your website quickly and easily if you are prepared to learn a few basic SEO techniques. SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, the art of getting high page ranking to drive traffic to your site, may seem like rocket science, but there are a few tried and tested methods which anyone can learn and use for maximum results.

One of the main SEO factors is backlinks, which are a vote of popularity for your site. Search engines like Google count your backlinks from popular sites and with a little bit of effort, you can start getting thousands of backlinks in a matter of weeks. The backlinks are a vote that shows the search engine that your site is worth looking at. The more votes you have, in particular the more key worded backlinks, the higher your page rank. The goal to get to the first page of search engine results, or even the number 1 ranking, is possible with the right kinds of links for the right keywords for your site. You can get thousands of backlinks and a high page ranking on major search engines if you study SEO and apply what you have learned to help drive traffic to your site. 구글상위노출

One of the fastest ways these days to get a lot of backlinks is to participate on social media sites, which have a lot of fresh content and a lot of users. Join several social bookmarking sites in order to start posting backlinks. Article directory sites are another great way to gather a lot of backlinks in a short space of time. Reuse content from your site, with a link to it, and watch your rank improve on the search engines. Start by posting at the most popular article directory sites, such as Buzzle.com, EzineArticles.com and GoArticles.com. The more interesting and useful article you post, the more your backlinks and reputation will grow.

SEO may seem difficult, but the only secret is in taking the time and effort to do the work and build the backlinks. Many people are looking for a easy way to boost their page rank and drive traffic, but it really is as simple a building backlinks on a regular basis every day through posting on social media sites, article banks, forums and blogs. Page rank does not happen overnight–it takes hundreds if not thousands of backlinks from popular quality sites to boost your page rank.

But if you write 5 articles a day, and post them in 2 article banks, that is 10 backlinks per day, or 300 per month. If you post in a similar manner to 5 forums and 5 blogs each day, that is a further 300 links a month, all without spamming and all helping to establish you as an expert and your site worth going to. If you then start your own blog and post about your site regularly, you will continue to grow even more backlinks. It may seem like a lot of hard work, but as you can see, if you do this for 30 days, at the end of it you could have well over 1,000 links. While others struggle looking for a secret formula for good SEO and high traffic, you can get started today creating backlinks for your site which will produce a steady stream of traffic for years to come and boost your page rank higher than that of your competitors’ site. All it takes is time and attention.

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