How to Draw a Cartoon Cow

When looking for the method for how to draw a cartoon cow you might want to choose the one that is the most simplified that leaves room for your imagination. When drawing the framework for a cow it can be very similar to the horse but much more simplified. You will want to start the cartoon cow with a framework of some ovals and a few lines. Draw a larger oval for the body and a medium size oval for the head first. You will be building from this. Next you want to draw two smaller ovals. One will be the left ear and the other will be the snout. Finish this part of the cartoon with two curved lines with one going off-center through the head oval and the same placement on the oval for the snout. This will help you with placing the nostrils, eyes and some other of the features you will want to add to the cartoon cow. 4anime

Now you have some ovals and a few lines on the paper and a lot of freedom with how you want the head of your cartoon cow to look. This basic outline could also be used for a pig or sheep possibly. You have to set upon the task of making this framework look like a cow. Make circles for the eyes on both sides of the line you drew for the head. Do the same for the snout. Draw a curved line under the snout to look like a mouth. Cows will have two bumps on the top of head and you can add them if you like. Draw the ears and form some horns if you would like. Now is the time to outline the head.

The third step would be developing the body of your cow. Try to visualize a cow in your mind. Doesn’t the back sway down and then go back up towards the hips? Include that on your drawing. Draw in the utters underneath the body and form the legs. Cows legs are generally quite small compared to the rest of the body and you can just make the legs fairly simple. Some things in a cartoon can be minimized and this is an example of one of them. After you have the basic cow drawn, add a simple line tail and some details such as lines in the hoofs and in the horns. There really aren’t many more details you have to add at this point.

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