Things You Should Not Do During A Massage

Massage is a technique that manipulates the body’s soft tissues to relieve pain or stress. A massage therapist often performs it using various tools, including the hands, elbows, knees, and forearms. There are several different types of massage in Dubai marina, each of which has a specific purpose. However, before you consider massage therapy, here are some important things you should avoid doing during this session.

Avoiding applying lotion or oil

While there are many benefits to applying lotion or oil to the skin during a massage, some people are allergic to certain ingredients in the lotion or oil. Parabens, for example, can cause negative reactions and increase the risk of developing breast cancer. Additionally, triclosan and benzophenone-3 disrupt endocrine activity in adolescent girls. Consequently, massage therapists should avoid using these ingredients.

Avoiding heavy meals

If you’re getting a massage, you must avoid heavy meals before the massage. Massages stimulate the digestive system and lower blood sugar levels, so avoid heavy meals before your massage. Instead, have a light snack before your session. Also, drink plenty of water and wear comfortable clothing. Before your massage, discuss with your massage therapist what you want the massage to accomplish.

Avoiding artificial fragrances

Artificial fragrances can cause health problems, including cancer, congenital disabilities, hormone disruption, sperm count reduction, and nervous system disorders. They are also linked to asthma, allergies, and obesity. You should avoid any products that contain artificial fragrances, even fragrance-free ones.

Avoiding snoring

One thing you can do to avoid snoring during a massage session is to practice breathing exercises that engage your facial muscles. You can perform these exercises several times a day. To start, lift your head about four inches, using your tongue and jaw to pull your mouth and throat forward. Repeat this exercise 10 times on each side. After a few practices, you’ll notice a difference.

Avoiding passing gas

While passing gas is not unusual during a massage, avoiding it is a bad idea if possible. While the gas is not dangerous, it can make you uncomfortable. To avoid this situation, you should avoid eating foods high in fiber, carbonated beverages, broccoli, and legumes before the massage session.