Is FRM Certification Worth Spending Money On?

The FRM course in Dubai is a certification awarded to individuals with experience in risk management. You can apply for this certification if you have two years of full-time work experience in risk management. The prerequisites for the exam are work experience in finance or a related field, as long as it relates to risk management.

Work experience in risk management:

If you have a background in risk management, you may be eligible to get the FRM certification. This accreditation is highly regarded and requires rigorous work experience and passing two exams. A FRM holder demonstrates their field expertise and is eligible to work anywhere.

Certification requirements:

To become a certified FRM, you must have at least two years of work experience in risk management. This designation will distinguish you from other risk professionals who aren’t certified. You must also have at least 40 hours of continuing professional development (CPD) every two years. If you don’t meet these requirements, you will be required to retake the FRM exam. Afterwards, you can use your certificate to notify prospective employers that you have completed the FRM program.

Exam date:

The exam date for FRM is important, as it determines the exam fee and how often the exam will be held. The exam is offered twice a year for part 1 candidates and twice a year for part 2 candidates. The following frequently asked questions answer common questions related to registration and the exam.

To qualify for FRM certification, candidates must pass two exams and have two years of experience in the field. Approved work areas include industry research, auditing, risk consulting, and portfolio management. As of this writing, more than 58,000 FRMs are working globally. Over the last 20 years, 325,000 people have passed the exam. The exam is offered twice a year, in November and May. There are two test dates: morning and afternoon.

Cost of certification:

The cost of FRM certification is relatively small compared to the certification cost of other courses, but the course content is difficult and time-consuming. Ideally, you should register for a premium course to maximize your study time and avoid the retake fee, which can run as high as DH 750. Some courses also offer lifetime access to study materials, saving you money if you need to retake the exam.