How To Get Citizenship of Saint Lucia


Saint Lucia is a very safe country to live in. It belongs to the CARICOM Commonwealth of Caribbean States and uses the East Caribbean dollar as its official currency. US dollar is also accepted in St Lucia. The country’s official language is English, although some speak Dominican-Sentlusian Creole and St Lucian French Creole. If you are looking for St Lucia citizenship by investment program, there are several ways to obtain that we will discuss below.

Investing in non-interest-bearing government bonds:

One way to get citizenship in St Lucia is to invest in non-interest-bearing government bonds. This type of investment is known as economic citizenship. You must hold the bond for at least 5 years, and the funds must be in your name. There are two types of bonds: non-interest-bearing and interest-bearing. Non-interest-bearing bonds will be paid back to you upon maturity.

Investing in real estate:

If you are considering getting citizenship in St Lucia, one way to do so is by investing in real estate. You’ll need to invest in approved property in St Lucia, and you’ll have to stay there for at least five years. The investment amount can range from a couple of hundred thousand dollars to half a million dollars.

You can invest in real estate in St Lucia by participating in tourism-oriented projects. These real estate projects will earn you a rental income of two to five percent per year. You’ll also be able to sell the property for a profit after five years. Alternatively, you can invest in government bonds. These bonds will pay a 3% to 5% interest after five to seven years. Your non-refundable contribution will go to the St Lucia National Economic Fund. This fund also funds healthcare.

Documents required:

To get citizenship in St Lucia, you need a variety of documents. These include proof of address, SSN, and tax ID. In addition, you will need to form an offshore company to be able to pay taxes in St Lucia. If you have a family in St Lucia, you can apply for citizenship with your spouse or children under 30.

The first step is to contact a licensed program agent. These agents will conduct a due diligence check on your application. This will lower your risk of being denied by St Lucia. They will also need to see your passport. Typically, it takes a day to complete the initial application process. The next step is to gather your documents and financial documents. If you have a business in St Lucia, you will need to provide proof of ownership of that business.