How Do I Know When My Tires Need To Be Replaced? 

Car tires are made from a series of materials. The primary raw material is rubber. Both natural and synthetic rubber are used in the manufacturing process. Generally, car tires can last for 5 to 6 years. However, some warning signs show you need to replace them. If you notice these signs in your car, you should consult with a tyre change service in Dubai.

Tires have an expiration date:

You may be wondering why tires have an expiration date. Tires, like most products, have an expiration date. This date is based on the manufacture date. For example, if a tire is six years old, it is unsafe to drive. Fortunately, a few ways to determine if a tire has reached its expiration date.

The first way to determine whether your car tire is still safe to drive on is to check the tread. If the tread is less than 2/32” deep, you should replace it. If the tread is damaged beyond repair, you should consider replacing it.

Sidewall bulges:

If you notice bulges on the sidewall of your tire, you should replace them immediately. If you don’t, they could lead to a blowout or leak. They also signal that you need to deflate your tires. This is a dangerous situation, and it’s a good idea to stop driving if you notice them.

Punctures in the tread section:

Punctures in the tread section are one of the first signs that your tires need to be replaced. These are often slow but noticeable punctures. You can use a tire gauge to check the depth of the tread section. If you see a puncture on the tread section, you should replace your tire as soon as possible.

Tread wear indicator bars:

Tread wear indicator bars are a great way to determine when your tires need replacing. These small bars can be found in varying locations on the tread. In general, you should be able to find them in six or more places on most tires. If you’re driving sports or high-performance cars, they may be further apart or even in a different location altogether.

Vehicle noise:

Tires can wear down over time, and you can tell when they need to be replaced by the appearance of their sidewalls. Tires with bulges and bubbles in their sidewalls should be replaced immediately. They are a warning sign that the treads are beginning to lose their structural integrity and are likely to fail suddenly at highway speeds.