If you are going to rent luxury car in Dubai for family trips, you can choose a wide range of options. However, renting a car can be expensive, but there are ways to save money on car rental. A famous economist says that using a few tricks can save money on a rental car. These tips include pre-paying, booking a long-term rental, using a toll transponder, and storing your paperwork on the rental company’s website for several months.

Pre-paying for a car rental:

Pre-paying for a car rental can save you money on rental car costs. The prepayment rate for a rental car is usually around five to fifteen percent lower than a standard reservation. However, there are some restrictions. You must pay advance to get the discount and have a valid driver’s license.

Booking a long-term rental:

Car rental rates fluctuate extremely, and booking early is your best bet. This will lock in a cheaper rate, and you can always cancel if the price increases. You can do the same for flights, which will secure a cheaper rental rate.

Using a toll transponder:

Using a toll transponder to rent a car is a great way to avoid paying tolls. Some rental car companies install a transponder in their rental car to automatically detect electronic tolls. Once you drive through a toll lane, a toll bill is added to your account. The tolls will be on your account if the rental car does not have a transponder.

Keeping paperwork on the rental company’s website for a few months:

When renting a car, keeping any paperwork for a few months after you return is a good idea. These papers often include a checklist to evaluate the car’s condition on your return. If you have a billing dispute, this paperwork will be useful.

Avoiding airport pick-up:

Avoiding airport pick-up can save you money and time when renting a car. While many car rental companies are based at airports, you can also rent a car at a location outside the airport. This option is cheaper, but you may need to arrange additional transportation.

Using a loyalty program:

By joining a car-rental loyalty program, you can save time and money while renting a car. Most of these programs also offer an elevated status for frequent renters. This status is usually awarded when you rent through a specific company but can also be acquired as a credit card benefit.