Cat Toys – The Coolest Fun You Can Get For the Cat That Loves to Play

For an indoor cat, toys are not just a luxury, they are an important part of keeping him exercised, and they keep him from being bored. Toys also help you form a strong bond between you and your cat. When it comes to cats, the choices of toys are many, and grow daily. Scratch and Purr

If you choose, you can spend a lot of money on cat toys. There are battery-operated gadgets that spin mice around on tracks, or pull pieces of fluff around a room. Remote-control mice with a wireless control can be bought. Your cat can have some fun with these, but some of the best cat toys do not cost much at all. High on the list are “cat fishing poles” that have feathers, bangles, or stuffed animals at the end of a strong string tied to a flexible pole. These allow you to play with your cat while letting him learn that pouncing on your hands is a bad thing.

Little furry stuffed toy mice are great fun for your cat, as are balls with jingle bells inside. Cats do not like squeaky toys, however, so save those for your dog. Other toys popular with cats include various toys stuffed with catnip, pipe cleaners twisted into different shapes, and rabbits’ feet.

Some of the best cat toys are free. Many cats like empty cardboard boxes and empty paper grocery bags. Drinking straws, the cardboard centers of toilet paper rolls, or the clear plastic safety rings around sour cream containers, all make fun toys for your cat.

Some cats like to retrieve, and for them, wadded-up paper or wine bottle corks are great fun. The empty plastic film containers can be fun to bat around, as are nuts in their shells, and even small vegetables like baby carrots or brussels sprouts.



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