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On Carpet Cleanliness

As one of the most popular floor covering option, carpets are known to be sensitive to stains especially in areas where high traffic is concentrated. For this reason, carpets are known to demand time at being cleaned to retain their quality and beauty. The information offered below is useful information related to carpet cleaning.


1. Hot Water Cleaning. This method of cleaning your carpet involves using hot water or combining it with cleaning detergents. This method is used with a vacuum where hot water is sprayed and vacuumed just the same immediately afterwards. Hot water functions to loosen dirt embedded between the fibers of the carpet allowing for easy cleaning with a vacuum.

2. Dry cleaning. This method utilizes the use of dry compounds in carpet cleaning. This does not indicate the total absence of moisture however. In contrast to its name, dry cleaning involves minimal amount of moisture in the cleaning compound used. The compound, which is spread on the surface of the carpet, is then brushed and vacuumed. carpet cleaning kitchener

Household Methods. Household remedies related to carpet cleaning often involves the use of solvents or solutions which are directly applied to areas where dirt are concentrated. A few of these cleaning agents are known to not only help take dirt off but to function to remove stains without the intervention of commercial methods. One common example is the mixture of detergent, vinegar, baking soda, or ammonia. Although the use of these cleaning agents is often limited to an area where stain is found, detergents are also used to clean carpet surfaces.

As mentioned, carpet cleaning may take some of your time if you do not practice the habit of cleanliness. One tip to minimize the labor associated with cleaning is to vacuum your carpet once a week. This allows regular suction of dirt which may become more difficult to clean when piled up.

When cleaning, focus on heavy traffic areas. These are areas often walked upon with or without your shoes on. These may also be the areas where stains are likely to develop like the kitchen and where your pet often hangs out.

Keeping your carpet clean is also one way of avoiding household-related diseases. If you are sensitive to dust and do not really keep your carpet that clean, you may develop allergies. If you have a baby at home who loves to crawl, a dirty carpet increases the risk of him getting infected.



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