Aisle Marking Tapes – Superior Alternative to Painted Signs

Aisle marking tapes have gained popularity among manufacturers due to ease of use and durability. They have proven to be superior to painted floor signs because they are easy to install and last longer than their painted counterparts. With the technology used in producing marking seals, you can expect that they are more durable than the cheap vinyl tapes that were used decades ago. Modern aisle marking tapes have been manufactured to meet the wear and tear that is expected in a manufacturing setting. So, if you are considering using marking tapes instead of painting, you will be making a good choice.

Another benefit of using aisle marking tapes instead of painted signs is the variety of tapes that your company can avail for whatever manufacturing purpose your company needs. There are plain aisle marking seals in every color possible as well as striped tapes that marks off areas for caution. For example a black and yellow stripe combination can signify physical hazards; red and white is for fire equipment while black and white is for traffic. Plain red or yellow can mean caution while white can be for housekeeping or maintenance. There are also checkered tapes if you prefer to use a different design but the purpose is the same. The width of the tape also matters because absolute guidelines that aisle marking seals be a certain width for the purpose set for it.

There is a company that has been supplying quality aisle marking tapes. They have been in business for several years and are reliable providers of superior floor marking tapes. Far from the usual vinyl tape or duct tape, their top of the line brand doesn’t easily fray at the edges. This is because of a patented manufacturing process that ensures the edges aren’t easily torn or snagged when submitted to multiple and constant punishment brought on by foot traffic, trolleys and forklifts. Their aisle marking seals have special beveled edges that prevent the edges from being peeled off through rigorous use. Their Superior Mark tape may seem thinner than conventional tapes but it is reinforced and has a special adhesive that leaves no sticky residue. Their more affordable brand Last Mark is still heaps better than your ordinary vinyl tape since it is fiber reinforced so that it won’t stretch like common vinyl tapes do. custom masking tape

Other products that you can source from the said company are included in a free sample pack that your company can order online. This free sample pack includes plain marking tapes, checkered and striped marking tapes as well as some floor safety signs and directional signs. This pack only shows a handful of the immense variety of tapes and floor signs since they can also custom make any product according to your company’s specifications. All products are available at an affordable price and can be shipped free if charge if it meets the company’s free shipping requirements. You are also assured by their BBB rating as a reliable company in terms of its products and services. That firm may be your partner for aisle marking tapes.



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