A Wicker Basket’s Many Uses

A wicker basket makes an excellent decorative addition to your home or cottage. Not just for “looks” either, these baskets have many practical uses as well. No home is complete without the unique blend of practicality and charm that can only be offered by wicker baskets.

Wicker baskets have history! Going back to thousands of years BC, these baskets were woven from pliable and fibrous plant materials such as oak, ash, willow, cane and reed. Typically either a solid or reed woven base was laid down first, then, the vertical staves were added as a support frame. The circumference, or sides, of the basket were then woven in an over-under pattern to complete the basket. Different weave placements or materials could be used to create different patterns or finishes. A lid or handle could then be added if desired.

There are many uses for a wicker basket; as many uses as there are sizes and styles. They make excellent sheaths for potted plants. Often when purchasing a potted plant, the pot is the least attractive part. Simply placing the entire pot and plant in an appropriately sized wicker basket, will turn it into a work of art. This will bring style and warmth to any deck or patio. custom wicker basket flower basket willow b

No picnic outing is complete without the traditional picnic basket. I’m talking about the large rounded basket with to big loop handle that we’re all familiar with. The basket is what brings the charm to the picnic outing. This basket is what comes to mind when we think of a romantic picnic for two, spread out upon a red and white checkered blanket, in the park or meadow.

Interior uses for wicker baskets are many, and the sky is the limit for what you can come up with. A small wicker basket on the bathroom to hold soaps, a large basket on the bathroom floor holding neatly folded bath towels. A large basket in the spare bedroom holding extra blankets and bedding. How about a basket in the corner of the living room holding books and magazines? A fruit basket as the centerpiece for your kitchen table… or on the counter, holding spices, condiments or teas.

There is no reason to get tired of these baskets or to run out of uses. They come in all shapes and sizes and can be purchased cheaply at any department or specialty store. If you want to change the look of a basket, or better match the decor of a particular setting, simply spray paint the basket any color you choose. The sky is the limit… have fun and enjoy!

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